Considering trying out Aiida but wondering how it will fit in the budget? The cost of using Aiida depends on your specific needs, read further for pricing details!


Automation of administrative and accounting workflows by sorting and extracting data from unstructured input, e.g. administrative documentation, accounting material, vouchers, receipts, legal agreements, statements, reports and more. Reducing the time spent on controlling incoming internal and client material. Making accounting and administration on API avialable to the masses!

Free support and unlimited no. of users. Prices are based on no. of files per month.

Businesses using AIIDA


Why businesses love AIIDA

Aiida is very easy to handle, it's not something you have to learn. When an invoice is perfectly loaded, it may take 10 seconds instead of 3-4 minutes.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like Aiida.

Klaus Lindberg